Friday, January 31

The Wise Owl

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Outfit Details:
Leggings: Forever 21 {Sold out} //Similar Here Black on Black//
Tank: NYC Street Market- //Here with sleeves//  
Blazer: {H&M- Old} //Super Cute Here// //On Sale Here//
Boots: {Sole Society Sold Out} //Fun Option// //Similar Here//
Scarf: {Zara- Sold Out} //Similar Look Here// //And Here//
Bag: {Old} //Michael Kors on Sale// //Similar Here//
Fingerless Leather Gloves: {Old} //Similar Here // //Here// //On Sale Here//
Jewelry: All Lia Sophia /Ring/ /Hoop Earrings/Bracelet/  
When one of my favorite fashion stylists/blogger Tiffany Pinero, looking all kinds of fierce & fabulous, posted these leggings on Instagram back in October, I knew I needed to have 'em.  They were from Forever 21 and were $21. (Fashion Touchdown!)  When I first wore them to see Justin Timberlake back in November, my husband and friend (who shall remain nameless) said to me "Are you wearing knee pads?" and looked at me like I had just escaped the loony bin. I had the look styled a little differently but imagine if I would've added the leather fingerless gloves! {Gasp!} None the less, I was ready to bring sexy back with or without their blessing! When I saw this owl tank top at a street market in NYC, I knew it would work perfectly with these leggings. The owl says it all! You may look at this outfit and say "Girl, you lost your mind!" or you can see a confident, happy, stylish, fun, risk-taking fashionista that is ready to rock the town! The choice is yours! What will you see?

And of course I cannot forget.....
Sexy was born 33 years ago today! Happy Birthday JT!

Wednesday, January 29

Smoke on the Water and Radiant Orchid


Outfit Details:
Rain Coat- Anthropologie {Old} //Similar Here// //And Here//
Sweater- Loft {Old} //Similar Here// //And Here//
Plaid Button up- Anthropologie {Old} //Similar Here//
Cream Toothpick Cords- J.Crew {Old} //Similar Here and On Sale//
Hunter Rain boots- //Buy Here//
Watch- //Michael Kors Buy Here//
Bracelets- Express {Old} //Similar Here//
Radiant Orchid Clutch- Banana Republic {Old} //Similar Here// //Splurge Here//

A little rain got you down? My Hunter boots always keep me dry!  Each boot is made from one piece of rubber so it is impossible for water to penetrate these babies! A great investment for the wet weather! Since these boots don't have any insulation, the people at Hunter created cute boot socks that go with any of their boots (like these).  The boot socks do a great job of keeping my feet warm and dry! The day we took these shots the weather was pretty miserable but the show must go on!  It was so unseasonably warm that the lake behind me was melting and there was smoke coming up from the water! I love when cool things happen in nature!
I was also stoked to find out that the Pantone color of the year for 2014 is.......Drum Roll........... Radiant Orchid! This may be my favorite color yet! {Click here} to see the color and description.  Radiant Orchid looks a lot like my clutch, ring, and earrings and is a great color to add to your wardrobe for the upcoming year!

*Lia Sophia Statement Necklace Giveaway- See below to enter and win! Giveaway ends Tuesday, February 4th! Don't miss your chance!

Happy Hump Day! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 28

Lia Sophia Statement Necklace Giveaway!

Hey Beauties! To thank everyone for all of their love and support, I am giving back to you! Here's your chance to win the beautiful "Exotic Bloom "statement necklace from Lia Sophia! Perfect addition to your spring wardrobe!
Enter below to win!  
Good Luck!

Monday, January 27

Online Stores You Should Be Shopping In

Cozy Outfit Details:
PINK Sweatshirt: //Similar Here at Victoria's Secret//
Lauren Conrad Leggings: //Buy Here//
Legwarmers: // Cozi Bear Boutique on Etsy Buy Here//

She Inside
 What I love about it: This site is fab because everything they sell is trendy and very well priced. They offer a huge variety of items and have a great trends feature. Here you can look up categories such as "Party Wear" and "Chic Lace" and they do all the work for you.  Find a style that suits you, just click & buy! 
Sign in with Facebook and get 20% off your first purchase (Here)
Register your email account and get 15% off your purchase (Here)
Oh and how can I forget? They offer free shipping! 

Dorothy Perkins
What I love about it: This site offers stylish clothes at great price points.  They also offer clothing for petites and you can shop by category, fit, collection, trend, and brand.  They have a great shoe department and new season savings where a 20% discount is offered (See here).  In the magazine section of this site, the director of Instyle Magazine has created a video of how to wear the essential styles of the season! (Here) 

What I love about it: I have been shopping this site for years and it has come a long way! They always had great clothes but because they are a European site, it wasn't easy for us folks over in the U S of A to ship and return items conveniently. This has now changed and they offer free shipping both ways to the USA.  They have their own brand and offer tons of others.  They have a maternity and petite department too! 
They offer a free fashion magazine one time per month (See Here ) that is fully interactive called "Fashion Up." You can also buy, sell new and pre-owned & vintage fashion (See Here ). 

What I love about it: This site offers 30% off on their new arrivals every day (Monday-Friday) and they always have a fresh and edgy selection and tons of styles to choose from! If you sign in with Facebook, your first purchase is 50% off! 

What I love about it: The question is what don't I love about this mecca of all things unique? You can find anything you are looking for here and this site deserves a post of its own (Which I will do next week).  This may be my favorite site of all time!  If you have never heard of Etsy RUN don't walk to your nearest computer and get on there right now young lady! I have purchased everything on Etsy from photography, jewelry for my bridal party, personalized gifts, headbands for babies, cozy legwarmers 
(see here), and so much more! Stay tuned for my favorite Etsy shops on the blog next week!.

Your homework- check out all these sites and let me know which one is your fave! 
Thanks for poppin' in!

Thursday, January 23

A Walk Through the Park

Outfit Details:
Bag: {Purchased in Italy} (Similar Here) (Here) (Here)
Scarf- {The Loft- Old} (Similar Here)

I love my chambray button up! It is a must have staple in your wardrobe.  This top can go with anything your pretty little head can think up!  I wear it as a stand alone top and I also wear it as a layering piece.  I have one with sleeves and one without that I purchased at Forever 21. I usually wear the sleeveless button up when I am layering it with a thin sweater so I can get the look without it being too bulky. Above, I paired it with a chunky cardigan because it was cold outside and I needed the extra layer.  I always roll up the sleeves so you can have the chambray serve as a cuff as well.  This adds a little visual interest to the look and leaves room on your arm to show off your awesome watch or bracelets!  
These tops look great with any color pant (including denim blue jeans). This is a great wardrobe staple that is very versatile and many outfit combinations can be created around this one piece!  The greatest thing about the chambray button up is that you can get it for under $30! 
Thanks for stopping by!  

Tuesday, January 21

Anthropologie Tuesdays

Shop Sale Items at Anthropologie:  Clothes:
Montaigne Coat with Fur Collar //  Joliet Sweater Blazer //  Split Dot Dress
Woodhouse Cardigan //   Dazzledot Sweatshirt //  Jewelscape Tee

Shop Anthropologie Sale Accessories:
Bowline Belt //  Tabbed Calf Hair Belt (Red) // Jutland Beret // Metabloom Belt
Bylinas Embellished Flats // Serengeti D'Orsays Ankle Strap Flats //
Petal Sway Necklace
Who loves Anthropologie??? I do! I do! Who loves getting designer duds for less? I do! I do! Each Tuesday you can shop in the store or online for their "Freshly Cut" sale items.  They add more styles to their sale department on this day each week!!!! I check this site every Tuesday to see if the pieces I have been eyeing have moved on over to the more affordable side of the tracks.   
 I love this store because they consistently sell items that work in each season and that are classic pieces that you can wear for years.  Their clothes are flattering to every size and shape as well.  Even though this store is on trend, for some reason, this is the place that gives me the most longevity from the pieces that I have purchased.  They sell excellent style and quality and the things you will find in Anthropologie are feminine, flirty, and full of fun! 
Above, I have pulled together some of my favorite pieces that are currently on sale.  The Montaigne Coat with fur collar is stunning in person, comes in two colors, and gives you tons of bang for your buck! The Jewelscape Tee is sold in 5 colors and will work perfectly layered with a blazer and some fab earrings. Check out all of the pieces that I have found for you and go to each Tuesday to check out what's on sale!   Happy Shopping!!!

Friday, January 17

The Occasional Splurge

Some fun with photo filters below!
Outfit Details:
Cross body bag- {H&M Old} (Similar here) and (Here)
Scarf/Snood- {Burberry} (Burberry Splurge Here- Bloomingdales) 
Bracelets- {Alex and Ani}

I have a love/dislike relationship with the winter. I love winter fashion but I dislike the cold.  We took a trip right before the new year to Lake Placid, New York.  What a beautiful place! Although my husband and I do not partake in cold weather sports, we still found fun things to do in town.  The Winter Olympics were held there in 1932 and 1980 and the Olympic Center and other facilities are still utilized by many Olympic hopefuls as a place to train and, for some, to prepare for the upcoming Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The town gave off a cozy vibe and there were so many great places to shop, relax, and eat! 
In the very first picture, I was standing on Mirror Lake! YIKES! For a girl who doesn't like to mess with nature, getting on the ice was a little unsettling to say the least. My husband coerced me by saying "It will make for great pictures on your blog!" and well, in the name of fashion and blogs, I picked up my big girl panties and got out there! 
I chose this outfit to photograph for two reasons: 1. These are pretty much my favorite cozy clothes and winter accessories and 2. I wanted to show you that you can still have style while being warm and comfortable.  My Burberry snood was something I purchased a while back because the snood was a cheaper alternative than an actual Burberry scarf.  I decided that I wanted the look but didn't want to pay $400 for the scarf. So at the time, I paid $250 for a Burberry snood. SUCH A DEAL! I have had it for years and, as long as your aren't a person who easily looses winter accessories, definitely worth the investment. My leather Uggs are also something I have had for an eternity.  I purchased them on Ebay because I couldn't afford them at full price.  They were lightly used at the time. No harm, no foul! These boots have kept me warm for more than 5 years and still look great! Sometimes it pays to splurge and treat yourself from time to time! You work hard! Oh! How could I forget my FAVORITE accessory? My Glamscot Mumford! Isn't he the cutest?!?!?! 
What cold weather item do you like to splurge on?

Wednesday, January 15

Make a Statment!

All Color Story Necklaces Are From Forever 21
1. Standout Beaded Bib Necklace 2.. Bright Thing Faux Stone Necklace
3. Heirloom Faux Gemstone Bib Necklace 4. Gemstone Bib Necklace
5. Regal Bib Necklace  6. Old Glam Layered Necklace
7. Bold Lacquered Spiked Necklace 8. Edgy Bib Necklace
9. Art Deco Bib Necklace 10. Funky Layered Necklace 
The Bold Statement Necklaces
1. Stella and Dot 2. Color blocked Geo Bib
3. Aldo Accessories 4.Glam Out Bib
Show Stopping Necklaces
1. Ann Taylor- On Sale! 2. The Loft 3. Banana Republic
 4. Aldo Accessories 5. Banana Republic Regency Necklace 6. J. Crew Factory

Make a statement without saying a word! These necklaces will turn your plain outfit into one that screams "Here I am and I am fabulous!"  Statement necklaces are one of the easiest ways to add instant style to an outfit. They are also one of the biggest fashion trends right now. Every store is selling their own version of these statement pieces.  Women are rocking this style in both formal and casual ensembles. Above you will find a statement necklace in many different price points.  You do not have to spend a lot of dough to indulge in this trend. All of these necklaces should be paired with smaller stud earrings because you want the necklace to be the focal point of your outfit.  
The "Color Story" statement necklaces are from Forever 21 and are at amazing price points.  They are full of color and can add flair to any outfit. These are perfect for girls who are stuck in the black and white wardrobe world and want to take a little fashion risk.  These statement necklaces also go well with stripes, plaids, and paisleys prints.
 All of "The Bold" statement necklaces are for those nights out that you are feeling sexy, sassy, and want to turn heads.  These pieces are more daring and take some attitude to pull off!
The "Show Stoppers" are for my glamorous ladies out there! These are a perfect accessory for that LBD (little black dress) or for any other formal occasion.  I love these pieces because you can dress them up or down.  When the lights hit these babies, all you can see is BLING! What a great way to show off your style!!! 

Which statement necklace best fits your style?

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 13

Winter Blues

Let's just say "windy" was an understatement!
Outfit Details
Coat- Victoria's Secret {old} Similar Here and Here
Cross body Bag- Coach {Outlet} Similar ( Here) ( Here)
Dress-Francesca's  {Old}  ( Here)  ( Sale Here)
Cardigan-Francesca's  {Old} ( Here) (  Here )
Shoes- Marshall's {Old}( Similar Here )  (Platform Option Here)
Jewelry- Lia Sophia Ring  Necklace Bracelet {retired} (Similar Here) (Here)
Belt- Bought Here {Old} (Similar Here)  ( Here) (Fancy Splurge)

Have the winter blues? Who doesn't? My winter blues are enough to brighten your day! I paired these pieces together to help pull you out of your comfort zone a little.  I want to encourage you to use color and think outside your usual style. So many of us stick to the basics. Black goes with black and dark colors. Browns go with browns and neutral colors. This is just not the case!  Everything goes with everything as long as you know how to rock it!
As we all know, navy is the new black so don't be afraid to add different color combinations to your outfits.  This combo is also perfect for the spring (sans coat and opaque tights). The jewels and heels make this look a little more formal. This is something you could wear to a day event like a bridal shower or special brunch with the ladies. Pair this look with cognac color boots (like these )to make the look a little more casual.  The military style coat adds a little bit of structure to this feminine, flirty style.

What are your favorite color combinations?

Wednesday, January 8

Spring Ahead

/1./ /2./ /3./  /4./  /5./ /6./

/1./ /2./ /3./ /4./ /5./ /6./
The holidays are over. Can you believe it? It went in a flash! I am sure the last thing you want to do is go shopping for yourself since you have spent endless hours in the mall or online shopping for everyone else.
Well, this is where I come in.
Listen.... do you want to know a secret? Do you promise to tell... everyone? Now is the BEST time to hit the stores and get all of those must have pieces that are missing from your winter wardrobe!  Most stores put all of their merch on sale the day after Christmas (in hopes that your gift giver didn't give you a gift receipt).  All of those fabulous items that you walked away from while shopping for the fam are probably sitting there waiting for you just calling your name. Maybe that explains all the voices in my head. hehehe
Having said that, there are many sale items that are great picks for transitional pieces into the spring!  By this I mean that they will work in both winter and spring seasons.  I know the warmer weather may be the last thing on your mind but, it will be here just as quickly as the holidays came and went.  Think warm people! Think warm!!!
Above I have done some of the dirty work for you! There are my favorite winter steals and some pieces to make your mind spring ahead!  The spring ahead picks are great for winter as layering pieces and when spring rolls around shed that extra layer and let it all hang out! Get happy my friends, spring is just around the corner. Don't be left with nothing to wear!

Monday, January 6

A little pop of color never hurt anyone

Blazer (Buy here on salecheaper option
Black Sheer Blouse- Forever 21 (Old) (Similar HereOn sale here
Faux Leather Leggings- H&M (Similar) (Obsessed with theseBody Contouring
Bag- (Buy Here) (On Sale in BlackLook for less
Shoes- Old Circa 2003 (Similar On Sale )Platform Option
Accessories- Lia Sophia- Bracelets (Here) (HereEarrings
Faux Fur Snood Buy Here

     Everyone has their own style. A way to express who they are through their clothes.  I call this "style self". Some play it up and enhance it, while others are afraid to step outside the box.  Having fabulous style doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune or need to be label driven to achieve the look you want.  If you know where to shop and make what you already have work for you, you can be on trend and not break the bank.  You also have to be willing to take fashion risks in order to find your style.  Remember, even the best dressed celebs end up on the worst dressed list from time to time.  No pain, no gain. 
     The first step to finding your style self is BEING YOU. Sing it LOUD and sing it PROUD.  Start by singing in the car like no one is watching (If you ever see me on the freeway you would think I was nuts). Don't worry about what others think of you because those who talk behind your back, are behind you for a reason!
     Dress for yourself. I love putting an outfit together, doing my hair and makeup, and heading out the door feeling put together.  I know we are all busy with work/children/families/other obligations but when you take the time (even an extra 5 minutes) to nurture your style self, people will stop to notice.  They will of course notice your fabulous duds but, your confidence and smile will be your greatest accessory! 
     Above I put together some of my favorite must have staples for this season: the faux leather legging, faux fur snood, blazer, black blouse, pumps, fabulous bag, and of course the jewels.  Because of the different textures (i.e., faux leatha and fur), I chose to take the pop of color right to my feet.  A pop of color adds visual interest to your outfit but doesn't seem like color overkill.  That little bit of fuschia adds a lot of pizzaz to the look.  
Now go out there and find your "style self"! 
Thanks for stopping by! 
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