Wednesday, January 8

Spring Ahead

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/1./ /2./ /3./ /4./ /5./ /6./
The holidays are over. Can you believe it? It went in a flash! I am sure the last thing you want to do is go shopping for yourself since you have spent endless hours in the mall or online shopping for everyone else.
Well, this is where I come in.
Listen.... do you want to know a secret? Do you promise to tell... everyone? Now is the BEST time to hit the stores and get all of those must have pieces that are missing from your winter wardrobe!  Most stores put all of their merch on sale the day after Christmas (in hopes that your gift giver didn't give you a gift receipt).  All of those fabulous items that you walked away from while shopping for the fam are probably sitting there waiting for you just calling your name. Maybe that explains all the voices in my head. hehehe
Having said that, there are many sale items that are great picks for transitional pieces into the spring!  By this I mean that they will work in both winter and spring seasons.  I know the warmer weather may be the last thing on your mind but, it will be here just as quickly as the holidays came and went.  Think warm people! Think warm!!!
Above I have done some of the dirty work for you! There are my favorite winter steals and some pieces to make your mind spring ahead!  The spring ahead picks are great for winter as layering pieces and when spring rolls around shed that extra layer and let it all hang out! Get happy my friends, spring is just around the corner. Don't be left with nothing to wear!


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