Wednesday, February 12

Inside my closet

Organizing your closet may be one of the hardest things to do, especially when things come in and out of it all of the time.  Now is the time to go through your wardrobe to see what you want to keep for next winter, what can transition into the spring, what needs to hit the trash, and what can be donated or sold.  
The first step is to get organized.  Once your closet is separated into lounge clothes, sweaters, bottoms, tops, belts, undergarments, basics etc. you can see what you have more of, where your wardrobe may be lacking, or where there is room for some purging. If you are lucky enough to have an attic or storage space in your house, it is smart to have your seasonal clothes stored away until its time for that season. Keeping seasonal clothing separate will give you more room in your closet so you aren't searching through heavy sweaters when you are looking for a tank top during the summer.  
When going through your clothes you have to be realistic.  Is the article of clothing still in style? Are there any visible stains? Does it fit appropriately? Do you have the same shirt in 3 other colors? Have you worn it in the past 6 months? Remember we only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time!!!!! Being truthful to yourself will help the organization and purging process run along smoothly. Purging is my favorite thing to do because that means I have room for new things! (More tips below)
In my closet, I hang layering pieces (i.e., cardigans, vests, blazers) on top of other pieces that compliment them.  This makes it easier for me to decide what I want to wear to work in the morning when I don't feel like planning my outfit the night before.  It gives me a vision of what the outfit will look like together and it also gives me more space in my closet. After I wear something and it comes back from the laundry or the cleaners, I like to put it toward the back of the closet so other clothes can come forward. I know I tend to look at the clothes that are closest to me because when I am in a rush, I don't want to be digging through my closet. This is a good way to make sure that all of your clothes get a fair chance of being worn before they are banished to the purging pile.
Another good tip is reversing your hangers so that the hook is facing you. Once you wear an item and return it to the closet, turn the hanger the correct way.  By the end of the season you will have a clear visual of what you have worn and what you haven't.
When I purged before this post, I found that I had way too many sweatshirts that I do not wear, a few sweaters that were stained or balled, and a few blouses I was kidding myself if I thought I was going to wear again.  Needless to say, the sweatshirts and blouses went into the donation pile and the stained and balled sweaters went to the trash.  I also found a pair of pants that I have only worn a few times because they can only be worn with high high heels. I decided to bring them to the tailor for alterations so that I can wear them with flats and get more use of out them!
If there are any items in your wardrobe that still have the tags on them or items that you've worn once, (Come on! You know you have a few!) these are the items you can sell!  Poshmark, Twice, and Tredup are all great sites where you can sell your never worn or lightly used clothes! 
   One more tip: Get rid of those big clunky wooden hangers, plastic hangers, and wire hangers that you have acquired from the cleaners. The wooden hangers take up too much space, the plastic hangers and the wire hangers do not help to keep the shape of your clothing and are terrible for keeping clothes in place.
The best hangers:
The Velvet Hanger
Velvet hangers can be purchased in Homegoods for a reasonable price! They take up little space while keeping the shape of our clothing and your garments in place!
Happy organizing, maximizing, donating, purging, and selling!

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