Wednesday, February 26

My Date With JT at MSG

Last week I saw my man Justin Timberlake at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  Since I saw him last November and was not close enough to my liking, I had to go back.  I'm a crazy person when it comes to JT and I needed to be as close as possible.  So, I hawked tickets on Stub Hub the day of the show and waited to come in for the kill.  I knew exactly where I wanted to sit and I waited until the tickets decreased in price.  I bought the tickets about 4 hours before the show and the price dropped one hundred beans! I was so excited I couldn't take myself! He put on an amazing show and I was so close I could see the stubble on his face! Fear not my fellow JT fans, this show has given me the fulfillment I was looking for! If you haven't had a chance to see Justin Timberlake live then the  20/20 Experience World Tour is the perfect opportunity to let the groove get in with JT and the Tennessee Kids! You will not be disappointed!  


  1. Awesome! He is so handsome and talented. Lucky girl!

    1. That he is! I just can't get enough! I made need to seek some help! haha


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