Friday, March 7

Spring into Fashion

Spring is officially here in a couple of weeks! Lawdy lawdy do I need some warmer weather and sunshine! I hope you have started shopping for the season, but if you haven't you are in luck... because I have! Below are 3 of the most prominent trends I have been spying in my shopping ventures for the spring. They are florals, pastels, and stripes. See below to get your hands on the latest trends and must haves for the season.

{1}  {2} {3} {4} {5} {6}

Take a walk through the fashion garden with these beautiful floral prints! Spring has surely sprung with these fabulous frocks!   If you aren't sure these prints are for you, pick up a couple of floral accessories (like #2 or #5) and integrate them into your daily looks.  Before you know it, your wardrobe will be blossoming!

{1} {2}  {3}  {4} {5}
Pastels are not just for Easter Sunday anymore! Spring is a time to show off some color, but this year it's a little more muted. I love pastels because it adds a soft and romantic feel to your look.  These pastel accessories are excellent staple pieces that will carry you throughout the season and will enhance what you already have in your wardrobe. 

  {1}  {2}  {3}  {4} {5}
The fashion gods must be shining down on me this spring because half my wardrobe is stripes! This is my favorite trend for the season because stripes can be paired with anything! They are so versatile and the truth is, they never go out of style. Nautical stripes make me think of warmer weather and I cannot wait to get my hands on those flats!  
Happy Shopping!

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  1. Those striped flats are the cutest!


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