Friday, July 25

Fashion Project- Give Back!

Happy Friday my friends in fashion! Have you ever heard of Fashion Project? Well if you haven't, today is your lucky day! 
   Fashion Project is a site that invites you to send them your lightly worn or unused designer duds which they sell on their site at a discounted cost.  When sold, the proceeds go to the charity of your choice and in return for your donation of 5 qualifying pieces, you are rewarded with a $40 gift card to  Nordstrom! Isn't that amazing?!!?! 
   On their site is a list of qualifying brands (there are tons) as well as a list of charities to choose.  This is an amazing way to give back, clean out your wardrobe, and get a little gift for yourself to buy new threads!

*Source- Fashion Project
If you don't have anything in your closet that you can part with, you can still give back by shopping the site! They have everything from dresses to accessories all at discounted prices! 

To find out more about this company, shop, or to see how to get started click here
Hope you have a glamorous weekend! 


  1. What a great concept! I'll be going through my closet soon to purge some things and will definitely check them out!


  2. This is such a cool concept---it really is a great way (especially for fashion bloggers) to give back :) Thanks for sharing!


  3. What an amazing idea!! I never heard of them so thanks for sharing this & spreading the word!
    Have a great weekend Marianne:)
    Marta, xo

  4. This is awesome thank you for sharing !


  5. That's such a nice way to do your bit of Charity! Will surely take part in this

    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!
    Follow on FB

  6. Such a GREAT project! I donate most of my clothes and food to a charity organization at my hometown Bolivia whenever I go back. It feels so good to be able to help a little bit. <3


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