Friday, August 29

The Girl Behind the Glam

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     In honor of my 100th post, I asked the amazing and always cleaver Gina, from On The Daily Express, to write up some interview questions for me! Gina's blog is amazingly creative and her interview posts are so entertaining, I needed her to be part of the fun! Hopefully after reading this, you will get to know this girl behind the glam a little bit better! 

Gina: What's the best and worst part about blogging? 

Me: The best thing about blogging is that it truly feeds my soul.  I love sharing my love of fashion in my little piece of the blogsosphere and I love being inspired by all the amazing bloggers I have "met" in the process.  The worst part about blogging is that feeling of always needing something new to wear or always wearing the most current trend. I do not have an unlimited budget so, I try to shop my closet as much as possible and purchase inexpensive accessories to stay current.  

Gina: What has surprised you the most about blogging?

Me:There have been a few things that have surprised me about blogging.  First of all, I cannot believe how many fashion blogs are out there!  Before blogging, I followed a handful of blogs, but never really realized the enormity of this platform!  I love seeing and reading so many people's point of views about fashion. It's amazing! I am also surprised that people (beyond my super supportive family and friends) really like my style.  I was afraid that It was going to be like one of those contestants who try out for American Idol, whose friends and family tell them they can "really sing" and then when they open their mouth, it's like nails on a chalk board. I am happily surprised that my love of fashion is well received beyond my loved ones!

Gina: Share a blogging tip or trick that you've learned through your last 100 posts.
Me:  Being organized is one of the most important things that I have learned.  When I come up with an outfit idea, I make a note of it on my phone.  It serves as a reminder that I have plenty of outfits for the blog when I want to shop, and it also helps when I am getting ready for my blog posts!

Gina: How would you say that blogging has affected your style or what you wear?
Me: Blogging has only enhanced my style. I am inspired by other bloggers, what I see in the stores,  on the runway, on the street, and on T.V.  Blogging has made me more aware of lipstick colors, sunglasses, and other things that enhance a look that I may have overlooked in the past.   

Gina: Name a celebrity whose closet you would feel comfortable getting dressed out of every day.

Me: I absolutely love Lauren Conrad.  I love her everyday style, her hair, her blog, and her clothing line.  She always looks feminine and put together. She is never overdone and she is always right on trend.  

Gina: If I gave you $100 to buy a pair of shoes for your 100th post, what would you choose?

Me: I would save your $100 and wait until my 900th post, where I would have accumulated $900 ($100 per 100 posts) and I would buy a pair of Valentino Rock Stud pumps in blush. Didn't even have to think about that one!  

Gina: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Me: When I was a kid, I thought I was going to be a marine biologist.  I don't know why.  Maybe it was after I saw "Free Willy," who knows! I definitely never thought I would be a Speech Language Pathologist by day, moonlighting as a Fashion Blogger by night, but I am so glad that's the case! 

Gina: What was your best subject in school?
Me: Oh geez! In high school, my best subject was math only because I had a math tutor that was a mathematical genius.  She taught it so well, I use to kick some major butt in math.  Now, I count on my fingers to add.

Gina: People might be surprised to know that...
Me: This is a good one that I can't believe I'm admitting, but here goes nothing!  People might be surprised to know that when I am out and hear a Justin Timberlake song, I immediately sing and dance (no matter where I am), totally jamming to the song!  Why do I do this you ask? I do this because I am hoping someone has written to Ellen on my behalf, letting her know that I am the biggest JT fan and he will walk  through the door and surprise me! I have to be prepared at all times! Don't judge! 

This was so much fun! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed answering these questions and hopefully gotten to know me a little bit better! Thanks for stopping by and being apart of this very special week!
Special thanks to Gina from On the Daily Express for doing this for me! 
You are one amazing gal!
One more thing: Check out this fabulous feature of my floral maxi dress on one of my favorite blogs Sweaters, Stripes & Sweets

Have an amazing Labor Day weekend Glam Squad and remember there is still time to enter the giveaway below!!
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Wednesday, August 27

Good Girl Gone Glam's 100th Post

Midi Skirt / Top- Old- Similar Here & Here / Clutch- Old- Similar Here & Here
  Shoes- Similar Here / Belt- Boutique Find- Similar Here
 Earrings, Bracelets, Ring: Charming Charlie / Lips- L'Oreal- Fuchsia Orchestra
     Hey Glam Squad! I cannot believe it's my 100th post! I am so excited and I just can't hide it! I wanted to glam it up for this special post! I am wearing this fabulous midi skirt from Tara Lynn's Boutique via Groopdealz! I added a lace camisole and black waist belt to make it look like a seamless dress!  This enchanting look would not have been complete without my favorite fuchsia clutch for a little pop of color! 
     In honor of my 100th post, and to thank all of you for being so glam-azing,  I am giving away this beautiful necklace by Lia Sophia!  Enter below, tell a friend, tell yo' momma! 
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Thank you all for following along, always leaving beautiful sweet comments, and showing me so much love! Cheers to 100 more! 
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Monday, August 25

Ending Summer On a High Note

Shorts-Old- Similar Here, Here, & Here / Tee / Kimono
Crossbody- Coach Outlet / Sandals- Minnetonka- Similar Here
Bracelets, Earrings, Necklace- Lia Sophia
Hey Glam Squad! It's the beginning of a special week here on Good Girl Gone Glam!
     Today, Tori (the super fabulous fashionista from Fashion, Bling, and Other Girly Thingsand I wanted to show off our favorite high- waisted shorts of the summer!
High-waisted shorts lay above the hips, giving more coverage, while still being short on the bottom.  They look great with crop tops, button downs, tanks, and tees, which proves their versatility.  Just because the summer is coming to an end doesn't mean you should put your high-waisted shorts away!  They are perfect to wear with black opaque tights and booties.
     I paired my shorts with a floral kimono and fringe sandals for a boho vibe.  Tori is rocking this classic look with her high-waisted shorts, beautiful striped top, and complimentary turquoise jewels! Click here to get the details of her look,check out her fantastic blog, and show her some love!
Stay tuned this week for my 100th post and fun interview with Gina from On the Daily Express!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, August 20

Bold Floral Beauty

Dress- Gap {Last Season} Pretty Floral Option Here, Here,  & Here
Clutch- Old- Cute Option Here / Sunnies /  Earrings, Bracelet, Ring- Lia Sophia
Gold Sandals You Can't See- Here
     Well hello there my fabulous fashionistas! I am going to post dresses from my summer wardrobe until I run out of them or the summer is over, not quite sure which will happen first.  This bold floral beauty is one of my faves! It's from the Gap and I purchased it last season after seeing it on one of my girlfriends.  I was a little intimidated at first because the print was bold, but I bought it anyway taking the chance (and I cannot resist a dress with pockets).
  This fun dress is well traveled! It's been on a cruise, to an engagement party, a baby shower, and a few dinner dates. I added the fuchsia clutch to break up the colors and I try to switch up accessories with each wear, depending on the occasion. 
Since this dress is no longer available I found some pretty floral dresses (above) that are just as versatile as the one I am wearing.  Maybe you will find the one for you!
Thanks for stopping by my lovelies!

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Monday, August 18

Day to Night

Dress- Forever 21- Old- Fun Option Here / Heels /
Clutch-Old- Cute Option Here / Sunnies / Jewelry- Lia Sophia / Watch 
Hey Glaminators! We are totally not going to talk about what day of the week it is and we are definitely not going to speak about what the date is.  I am in total denial.  If the sun is shining, I am in a maxi dress, or wearing flip flops, it's still summer- end of discussion.  (wink wink) 
     If you follow along on Instagram, you saw that I took my first outfit selfie!{Click here to see it} I was photographing this outfit before heading out to a bridal shower, but I was wearing a cardigan and flats. When I got home, I turned this look from day to night by losing the cardigan and adding the clutch and gold heeled sandals.  I reinvented my look from casual to sassy in about 5 minutes and I was ready to go out with the hubs.  He didn't have to wait for me to change and I didn't have the hassle of figuring out what to change into! Talk about a win-win! Next time you are changing your outfit my fashionable fashionistas, stop and think "can this look do double duty?" and make your look work for you! 
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 15


Happy Friday my friends in fashion!
 If you missed the post where I gushed about GroopDealz, one of my favorite online shops, click here.   If you are just tuning in, GroopDealz is an online daily boutique that sells everything from clothes, to accessories, to home decor, to stuff for the kids- the list is endless.  Each item is only on sale for a few days and there is always something new to discover!  Click below to check out what's new today

P.S.Free Shipping
Printed Pencils Skirts

Crochet Poncho
Interchangeable Headbands
Lightweight Chic Woven Chain Necklaces
Fall Into Fall Collection
     I have recently made some fun purchases from GroopDealz that I cannot wait to share with you! 
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Have a stellar weekend my lovely ladies! 

Wednesday, August 13

Inspirational Graffiti

Dress- Fabfoud in Marshalls-  Almost Exact Here Here at Free People / Kimono- Francesca's- Available in Stores
Booties- Old- Love These  / Sunnies / Clutch- Old- Nice Option Here / Jewelry- Lia Sophia 
Happy Wednesday Glaminators! I hope this week is treating you well! 
When I found this dress at Marshalls, the first thing that came to mind was: "This looks like a Free People type of dress."  I love Free People's aesthetic mostly because of their vintage, bohemian, flirty, free spirit vibe.  The lace detail on the dress adds a little dash of sexy/bohemian and the kimono adds a little dash of vintage/cool, exactly the look I was going for.  
     I chose to take these pictures by my favorite yoga studio in hopes that the peaceful and calm surroundings would compliment my look. Where I am sitting is usually a waterfall, but the water in the river hasn't been high enough to crest, so I jumped down to get some shots!  It looks like others had been down there too because there was a message beautifully written in chalk that said: "Be the person the world has been waiting for."  Nothing like some inspirational graffiti to stop and make you think! 
Has the universe spoken to you lately? If so, what did it say? Leave a comment and let me know! Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, August 11

Summer Go-to Dress

Dress / Wedges- Similar Here / Sunnies / Necklace- Lia Sophia- Here on Ebay
Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag 30 / Watch  
     Hey Glam Squad!  Hope your weekend was glorious! The weather in New Jersey was amazing so we took advantage and headed down to the Jersey Shore! The beach was packed and it was so nice to see people out enjoying everything the summer and the beach have to offer!
     I bought this dress before my Aruba trip and have worn it more times than I would like to admit.  It has become one of my summer go-to dresses because it couldn't be more comfortable and easy to style. I love the drop waist and I was immediately drawn to the beautiful floral embroidery detail.  It's another fantastic Forever 21 find and it was less than $30! 
What's your favorite summer go-to look?

I am co-hosting a summer fashion party link up this week with the beautiful Melissa over at Stylista Fitness ! Come by, check it out and link up with us! 

Stylista Fitness
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