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Oh The Flossy Flossy: Sweaters, Stripes, and Sweets

Hello friends in fashion! It's that time of the month when I share with you one of my favorite blogs! Meet Marta! She is the beauty behind the blog Sweaters, Stripes, and Sweets! She has an amazing blog and her genuine sweetness and amazing fashion sense shine through in every post! Read below to get to know my girl a little bit better!!!

Marta, I love reading and following your blog "Sweaters, Stripes, and Sweets" each week! What was the inspiration behind the name?
Marta: Thanks so much Marianne!! The inspiration behind the blog’s name is pretty simple I have a weakness for all three things and it also had a cute ring to it. Sweaters and clothing with stripes are two things I have the most of in my closet and I’ve always had a sweet tooth. I knew my blog would be focused primarily on fashion but I also wanted to once in a while share simple dessert recipes so the name was a perfect fit. My tagline is “Fashion Dreams of the Everyday” since I often day dream about fashion and what I’m going to wear plus I want to showcase everyday style and fashion for less!

Being from Canada, do you see any major differences from your style compared to the bloggers you follow from the US?
Marta: I can’t say I’ve noticed any specific differences from my style and American style. I follow so many American bloggers with such different styles so it’s hard to say. I think American style is so vast and there seems to be certain aesthetic styles that are more popular in different areas like boho in Cali, very glam in the Southern states, etc. I’ve never had one specific style I stick to. If I had to label my style it would be “casual glam” as I usually dress casually but I adore a little luxe and glamour so I will add that with jewelry, bags, shoes or any accessory. I also tend to mix things up with elements of different looks from classic, to boho, minimalist and trendy.

What is your favorite thing about being a fashion blogger?
Marta: My favourite thing about being a fashion blogger is the amazing women I’ve met and friendships I’m building. This was unexpected and has been so awesome and rewarding, there’s a nice comradery between bloggers. We are inundated in the media by negativity between women so it’s such a breath of fresh air being part of a community with so many supportive, intelligent and thoughtful women. Fashion has always been a way to express myself so this is my creative outlet. Plus having the opportunity to inspire and help other women to take pride in themselves and find their own unique style without having to break the bank is very cool!

If you had an unlimited amount of money, what is the one piece of clothing/accessory you would buy?
Marta: Oh this is a hard one to narrow down…but I think I would hit Chanel and buy the timeless and classic large woven Chanel bag in black and probably everything else in there too;) But seriously it’s always been an item I’ve coveted and it’s something I would have forever.

What are you most looking forward to in the fall?
Marta: The thing I’m really looking forward to in the fall is going to a pumpkin patch with my girls, we have a great one not too far from our house and they have hey rides, farm animals, games, and home baked goods. It’s beyond adorable and sweet to see them having such a blast and it’ll be my little ones first time going. 

What is your favorite type of sweet?
Marta:  I think this is the hardest question for me, it’s impossible for me to decide so I’m going to break it down like this:
- At a restaurant: Creme brûlée.
- On my birthday: Red velvet cupcakes or Strawberry Shortcake.
- At Christmas: All cookies, especially shortbread.
- In the summer: Ice cream.
- Everyday: Chocolate.
Oh wow, I realize as I’m typing this it sounds really bad and indulgent but I promise it’s all in moderation!

What are your 3 favorite stores to shop in and why?
Marta:  Old Navy, Forever 21 and Winners which is T.J. Maxx (not sure why they changed the name when they brought it to Canada). I love all three of them for different reasons but one common reason is affordability.
 Old Navy is for the good classic and staple pieces. Their shoe and bag departments have been killing it recently too.
 Forever 21 is for the great selection of trendy and more glam stuff. Their jewelry department obviously rocks!!
  Winners/T.J.Maxx is for the variety of merchandise and how they have the best finds that are different, on trend but not every single person will be wearing. Also, I’m sometimes a sucker for big name brands and I can find them there. J Brand, Free People, BCBG, Diesel, DKNY, and Kate Spade are some of my faves and although they are my splurge purchases the quality is excellent and they are well below regular retail value so I don’t feel as guilty.

What are your favorite blogged looks so far and why?
1 / 2 / 3
 1. Casual, Neutral with a Pop: I loved this look because it combines so many of my favourite things: florals, maxi skirts, a denim jacket, and neutral accessories. It’s a very “me” look. 
 2. T.O. Date Night: This is my first denim vest and I loved how it gave a bit of edge to my more feminine dress and accessories. Burgundy is one of those colours that suits me so I was very happy with how this overall look came together for my date.
 3. Birthday Maxi Skirt: This is one of my faves because I got to get more dolled up. I liked the glam vibe and how well the bright cobalt skirt, lace top and peach statement necklace went together.

Well Glam Squad, isn't Marta fabulous!?!?! I totally enjoyed interviewing her and getting to know her a little better! I hope you did too!  
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  1. Great post Marianne! I love Marta, she is so kind and sweet with a great sense of style:)
    Have a great weekend!


  2. Thanks for sharing - I'm always so interested in finding new blogs to follow - off to check hers out now!!

  3. I just stopped here via Marta's blog and am so pleased to get to know her better - and also to discover your blog! I am looking forward to getting to know you better too! Susan

  4. I love Sweaters, Stripes, and Sweets! I love looking at her posts, and now I learned more about her! Thanks for this!

    1. Finding out more about my favorite bloggers is one of my favorite things! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. What a fun feature! I definitely think the best part of blogging is all the friendships you can make through it!

  6. With those 3 favorite stores this is a girl up my alley :)


  7. I love Marta! She is just so kind. I enjoyed learning more about her. Thanks for interviewing her!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

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  9. How fun! I loved getting to know Marta better and am now following you!

  10. Loved reading about Marta! She's such a doll!
    xoxo Danielle

  11. So fun to read!! I have been following Marta for a while and she is so sweet--it was great to get to know more about her! I am so with you on your favorite stores girl--we def have that in common!! Thanks for sharing Marianne! :)


  12. It was so fun working with you Marianne, thanks so much for all the sweet things you wrote!!
    Awww and all these lovely ladies sure know how to make a girl happy:) Have an awesome weekend.
    Marta, xo

    1. It was a pleasure as always my friend! This was so fun! xo

  13. I'll use if for family vacation.

  14. Very fun to read all of this haha!
    Nice post

    xx Anka

  15. Marta is so sweet and I love her blog! Loved reading the interview and learning more about her!


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    Martina xx

  17. What a fun interview Marianne! I enjoy reading Marta's blog as well and it was fun getting to know her a little better and hearing the story behind her blog.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  18. What an amazing interview Marianne! I've stopped by Marta's blog before and it was lovely getting to know her! Thank you for sharing this post!

  19. I adore Marta! Great piece!
    Dawn Lucy

  20. was so fun working with you Marianne, thanks such a great amount for all the sweet things you composed!!


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