Wednesday, October 29

Color Addict

Top // Blazer- Marshall's #Fabfound // Necklace- Lia Sophia- Retired
Sunnies // Hair // Bag- South Moon Under- Similar Here  // Pants- Gap- Similar Here
 Boots // Bracelets- Lia Sophia // Lips- MAC- Rebel
Happy hump day my favorite friends in fashion! Hope this week is treating you well! 
I think this is the first time in Good Girl Gone Glam history that I have posted a look that was all black and white. No colorful accessories, maybe just a colorful lip, some houndstooth print, and my new over the knee boots.  After looking through each photo, I immediately felt like there was something missing.  That's when I realized, I'm addicted to color.  Dun, dun, dun..... Hello, My name is Marianne and I'm a color addict.  Is there a support group I could go to?  Does anyone else out there feel naked without some color in their ensemble or am I all alone out there? 
Thanks for stopping by Glaminators! 

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  1. I love color also but when I look back to my post I notice that a good amount of black and white! LOL I love this look and the boots are fabulous . I need to invest in some of these over the knee boots.:)

  2. Ha! I am addicted to black and white and I absolutely LOVE LOVE this outfit!! It looks so chic and fabulous! And I'll take a pair of those black-hot OTK boots immediately please. You look fabulous, but I know the feeling too well when an outfit just isn't *you.* If you decide you can''t wear some of these pieces again send them my way. ;-)
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. Love the pattern of your top and that moto blazer is amazing!! You just can't go wrong with a black and white combo!!

  4. I love color, but I also love how chic a great black and white outfit like this one can look! You look great and I think the lipstick provides the perfect pop of color for this outfit! Those boots are great!

    Nicole to the Nines

  5. I am so with you on this one!!! Oh my gosh, it's almost a problem for me, lol!! I must say however, that it's only in regards to my own outfits...for example, I adore your look here!! I don't think anything of it without "color"...there is plenty of other visual interests here (texture, angles). Funny how we are, isn't it!!

  6. You and I could start color addicts anonymous! I totally feel naked without a little pop of color. That being said, this black and white ensemble is totally classic and chic. I LOVE that you wore white pants with those otk boots! You look gorgeous dahling!
    xoxo Danielle

  7. I LOVE this all black & white look on you!! It's simple, chic & classic. You look just gorgeous & your hair is perfect girl! Also, love the over knee boots I'm searching for a pair right now but can't find ones I love yet these are great. Happy Hump day:)
    Marta, xo

  8. OMG I was looking yesterday for a Mac rebel dupe before I commit to the color, and seeing it on you makes me want it even more :)


  9. I love adding a little color to everything, no shame in that! You look beautiful!


  10. Hehe most people are addicted to black and white! I LOVE that you are a color addict :) You look fab tho in this palette as well--the houndstooth is amazing!!


  11. You look great in black and white! I love wearing darker colors and tend to shy away from colors but you look great in everything! This blazer and blouse is so chic and classy!

  12. I LOOOOVE an all black and white look. Great blazer :)

  13. Great outfit girl! Love the outerwear!


  14. I am addicted to color too! But you look great in black and white - love how timeless it looks!

    - Deniz

  15. I love color, but I have to admit that a black and white combo is my favorite! Such a cute outfit!

  16. Great outfit! I love how clean a black and white outfit looks! This is very chic!

  17. Nothing wrong with an all black and white look! Those over the knee boots are too cool for school, babe. You look awesome here! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. love a girl who can rock white denim in the fall! i've been on a black/white/neutral kick lately and can't seem to stop. eeeek!

    Kate | The Fancy Pants Report

  19. Super chic!!

    xo Shauna

  20. I too am a color addict. Your burgundy nails look gorgeous btw. I love your boots and blazer, Marianne.

    Have a Happy Halloween! Ada. =)

  21. Wow Marianne, I love this effortless look you. I have similar blazer, and love it :) Mel

  22. What a great black and white look, perfect for fall!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  23. Great outfit - love the black and white!


  24. I like it. I believe your 100th post picture had little color save the heels I believe. Great looking boots. Please stop by sometime. Rachel xo

    1. Rachel you are so right!!!!! Thanks for being so awesome!!! I will stop by for sure girl!

  25. For me this mix of color and prints its perfect! I like especially your beautyfl top! Kisses (and thanks for your visit),,

  26. Love the top, you look lovely as always ;)


  27. I'm catching up on blog reading and just saw this look on Gina's blog. Had to come over and tell you how gorgeous you are. I love black and white but this is an especially great pairing because it's usually the jeans that are black and the top that is white. I love how you mixed it up with your OTK boots. I want a pair so badly!! Happy Friday girl.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  28. Gorgeous black & white look! The cut of your jacket is beautiful and so flattering - love it.

  29. Love the patterned blouse and the white jeans. Classic look. YOu know I love those boots! I have the OTK boots on my wishlist!
    from the link up,

    please stop by, jess xx

  30. Hi dear, I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, it really helps to read that kind of thoughts =) so thank you !! so much =D

    And you look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit ^^


  31. You look perfect! From your hair to your shoes, and everywhere in-between.

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  32. Wonderful outfit dear!

  33. Love your top and blazer! Lovely look :)

    x vonyll

  34. Love that blouse and blazer!

  35. I absolutely love the look ! Beautiful :) x

  36. Love how you are styling white denim for fall, and houndstooth is one of my favorite prints!
    Chic on the Cheap


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