Friday, February 27

Just Ducky

Poncho Top- Zara {Old} Similar Here // Jeans- Pea in a Pod Maternity
Booties- Nine West {Old} Similar Here 
Crossbody- Forever 21 {Sold Out} Similar Here  // Hat- Forever 21
Sunnies // Mac Rebel Lipstick // Necklace
         Hey loves! Your favorite glam girl is a little under the weather so we are going to keep this short and sweet! The day we took these photos, we in New Jersey were having a heat wave- 40 degrees! During our photo shoot, I was photo bombed by the cutest little ducks! 
It's Friday girls! I hope your weekend is just ducky! 

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Wednesday, February 25

February Giveaway!

          It's Giveaway time again ladies! This time we are giving away $300 Paypal Cash (I could definitely use that!), a J.Crew infinity scarf and gloves, and a fun coffee variety package!  Click below for your chance to enter!  Good Luck!!! 

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Fashion, Bling, and Other Girly Things

 Enter below!! Good luck, loves!!

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Tuesday, February 24

Pantone Color of the Year- Marsala

Babydoll Maternity Tunic- One Sale! Cute Non Maternity Option Here // Collarless Car Coat 
Fur Snood- Sold Out- Similar Here  // Sunnies // Hair // MAC- Rebel Lipstick //
Earrings- Francesca's //Quilted Shoulder Bag- Express

        Hey doll faces! There is only 25 days until the official start of spring! Can I get a whoop whoop!?! It's nice to know that the bulk of winter is behind us and before we know it, the snow will be melting, the temperatures will get warmer, and the flowers will be blooming! We can do it!
    When Pantone introduced Marsala as their color of 2015, I was super excited! I thought to myself "Hey, I've got a coat in that color!" It was like fashion fortune telling without knowing it! It's such a versatile color and it compliments this tunic I just scored at Destination Maternity on major sale! It was a look made in fashion heaven! Don't you just love when that happens?
 Hope you are having a stellar week loves! 

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Thursday, February 19

Tips for Dressing Your Bump

     Hey Glaminators! Today I wanted to share with you some of my maternity/non-maternity wardrobe styling tips.  Whether you are a first time Mommy or preggo again, I hope these tips will help you navigate through your wardrobe and through your pregnancy a little easier.  
When I found out I was pregnant, shopping was definitely not as exciting (if you can believe that) because even though I wasn't showing yet, I didn't know how my body was going to change and how quickly it would.  This is definitely different for each individual and from what I hear can be different from pregnancy to pregnancy.
Pea in a Pod Maternity Leggings // H&M Long Tunic // H&M Cardigan // Hanes Sports Bra
Kimono // Maternity Tights // Belly Band // Maternity Jeans

     New Bras- (3 Months)  This is something I probably should've purchased sooner than three months, but it took an aching back and a sloppy silhouette to get me to my local Victoria's Secret.  Before making this purchase, I was measured by a bra specialist in the store to make sure I was getting the proper fit. I purchased a bra at Victoria's Secret and then went to get a few others at Target and Macy's, since they were not as expensive.  

     Sports Bra- (3 Months)  My sports bras were a life saver because there was a point early on in my pregnancy that the under wire in most of my bras were causing me a lot of pain.  They may not give you the best shape, but when you are uncomfortable, who really cares?!?!

     Belly Band- (3 Months)-This is something that goes over the waist of your pants, that covers the zipper and closure and will help extend the life span of your regular jeans/pants before switching over to maternity bottoms.  I got mine at at Target for $20. It was not the most comfortable thing to wear, but it served it's purpose. The belly band is a good purchase, but will never provide that amazing comfort that maternity bottoms will provide.  

     Maternity Pants- (3 Months)- I purchased: two pair of leggings (Pea in a Pod), Black, Grey, and Blue Jeans. This is where I would spend a little more cash.  If they are good maternity pants/jeans/leggings, they will grow with you throughout your pregnancy and it's these pieces that you will get the most out of during this time and will provide the most comfort (second to the bra). 

     Cardigans and Kimono's-  These are great things to add to your maternity wardrobe because they are items that can be worn pre- and post pregnancy. The hardest thing for me is purchasing items that will only be used during these 9 months because I feel like it's such a waste of money (accept for the necessities)     and definitely something that you wont feel too bad spending $ on due to it's versatility. 

     Tunic Camisoles/ Tanks-  In Destination Maternity they are $30 (can you say rip off?),  in H&M they are $5.95 (just size up).  These are the perfect staple to wear underneath something that isn't long enough or to wear with those perfect cardigans/kimonos.

     Maternity Tights-  These are a must have when you are wearing a dress. I wore non maternity tights with this dress and regretted every minute of it.  My non maternity tights kept rolling under my belly the entire event.  This is something I still have to purchase myself.  

My favorite stores to shop for these must haves are:  H&M, Destination Maternity, Asos, Pink Blush, and Target. Most of these stores (except for Destination Maternity), carry maternity and non maternity clothing with amazing style and price!

I hope this was helpful to all my first time Mommies out there, trying to navigate their wardrobe while embracing their growing bellies! 

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Tuesday, February 17


Floral Top- Marshalls- #Fabfound // Jeans- H&M Momma- Non- Maternity Option Here
Shoes- Christian Siriano for Payless- Sold Out- Similar Here // Purse- Rebecca Minkoff 
Hair // Cuff- Forever 21 {Old}- Similar Here // Lips- Mac Rebel
        It's Tuesday Glam Squad and I am totally frozen.  Not in the "Do you want to build a snowman?" way.  It's more like the "I don't even want to go outside and get in the car after warming it up for 20 minutes" way.  These below zero temps + windchill make it very difficult to take photos outside #bloggerproblems.  
     Since the show must go on, I decided to attempt to take pictures indoors.  On the positive side, I didn't have to worry about wearing sunglasses, sun-glare, squinting, shivering, taking pictures without a coat on and pretending that I was warm, or people staring at me like I'm nuts.  See, there is a positive side to everything!
     I scored this pretty floral top (non-maternity) on a recent shopping trip to Marshalls.  I am trying not to purchase maternity tops until absolutely necessary, so for right now, I am just going up a size and I have been pretty successful.  Maternity pants on the other hand, totally necessary!
Hope you all had a fabulous president's day weekend! 

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Saturday, February 14

H&M Giveaway! $300 Gift Card!

Hey Glam Squad! It's Giveaway time again! I joined a bunch of fabulous bloggers to bring this giveaway to you! H&M is one of my favorite stores and $300 will surely go a long way! Read below to see how you can enter!

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Friday, February 13

Comfy Cozy Chunky

Sweater- One Sale! // Necklace- H&M- Sold Out- Similar Here
Crossbody- Coach Outlet- Nice Option Here // Pea in a Pod Maternity Leggings
Shoes- Sold Out- Similar Here // Sunnies // Hat- H&M- Sold Out- Cute Option Here
      Happy Friday my fabulous fashionistas!  It's Valentines Day weekend and I'm off from work today and Monday, so let the fun begin!
      I started my long weekend off last night with a bang (pun intended). All of my best girls and I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey! Like I said in my last post, I didn't have high expectations, but I loved it!  Dakota Johnson stole the show and she was an amazing Anastasia! He was a good, um O.K. Christian Grey but he didn't knock my socks off.  I'm not sure he was the perfect guy for the job, but if you are a fan of the books, the movie will be a satisfying depiction of what you envisioned.  We all left the movie happy and entertained.  
       I went shopping last weekend because as my belly grows, the wardrobe has become slim pickins.  I scored this chunky cardigan at Target on sale and its perfect addition to my "I'm in denial that my belly is growing wardrobe" because it is an non-discriminatory piece of clothing. I just can't button it closed over the belly, but let's just keep bit of info between us!
I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day weekend, and if you don't have a Valentine, get out there and shake what your momma gave ya!!!! 
Love you Glam Squad! 

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