Monday, February 9

Nursery, Gender Reveal, and How to Paint Stripes

        Hey Glam Squad! Happy Monday! I have been quite a busy bee lately getting ready for our baby due in May. If you follow along on Instagram, you have seen a sneak peek of the nursery, but today you do not need to wait another moment! The whole room will not be complete until it gets closer to May, but I wanted to share my painting project with you from beginning to end!

Drum Roll.......................

The first challenge for this project was picking the paint color.  I narrowed it down to the two below: Benjamin Moore- Van Deusen Blue and In the Midnight Hour.  I went to my local paint store and got samples to see how each one would look on the wall. 

The winner was: Van Deusen Blue!

I taped the walls pre- paint because I do not have the steadiest of hands and I wanted the edges to look perfect! I painted 3 walls blue and then I painted the wall where the stripes would reside Benjamin Moore Glacier White (it was the original color of the molding).  This did add an extra step to my process, but I felt that the lines that I drew for the stripes would be easier to see on the white wall as opposed to a dark navy wall. 

Below are the three key supplies I used to get those lines perfectly straight! The level helped keep the lines straight as I penciled them onto the wall.  The blue surface delicate tape was used to make sure that upon removal, it would not rip the base paint off the wall.  The angle brush helped when coating the tape before painting the stripes (see below) and to go over any trouble spots above or below the lines once the tape was removed (there wasn't many). 

The height on the wall from molding to ceiling was just about 86 inches.  I wanted the stripes to be the same size. While researching,  I read that an odd number of stripes looks best and the stripes should be between 4 and 12 inches wide.  With this in mind, I made the top and bottom stripes 13 inches and the rest 12 inches so there was not too much of a difference visually.  

As show above, I placed the painters tape inside the white stripes to make sure the blue stripes were painted the correct width.  I marked each stripe that was staying white with tape so that I didn't get confused.
Below was the best tip I received at the paint store for keeping these lines straight, with minimal leakage of the opposing color.  The woman told me to paint the edges of the tape the base color of the wall before painting the blue color so that if any color seeped through, it would be the color that was already on the wall- total GENIUS! 

I painted two coats of the blue and patiently waited for the paint to dry.  I could not wait to take the tape off and see the final result! When the tape was removed, there was MINIMAL spots that needed a touch up.  With a steady hand and my angled brush,  I got rid of any problem areas and wallah..... your finished product! 

This was not the easiest of projects, and it was completed over many days, but the end result was totally worth all of the work! I hope this tutorial was helpful and I hope you are as thrilled with the outcome as we are! 
Hope you have a wonderful week! 

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  1. Congratulations! Boys are so fun, and they love their mommas! That paint project turned out beautifully, and I cannot wait to see it finished.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. You guys did such a wonderful job and yay for a little boy!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. WOW, Marianne, I am impressed with your painting skills! This turned out amazing!! Love the stripes!! And I guess you didn't say it directly but we are assuming boy because of the colors of paint?! CONGRATS!! I happen to know a thing (or two!! haha) about raising boys so I'm here for you. :)
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  4. Congrats on a boy!! Love the colors you chose and the stripes look great!
    Kellie @

  5. YOU painted the stripes!!!! I am so impressed, they look AMAZING, and this is the best DIY project ever! :-) Love the deep navy color. A huge congrats on your baby boy! You'll have so much fun with him. So happy for you, and I know he'll love his nursery. Happy Monday. XOXO, Elif

  6. So cute, congrats!! :)


  7. The walls look amazing! Did you really do this yourself?! It looks so professional. Congratulations on having a boy! ~Cynthia

  8. Looks awesome! I am so impressed! I am really a pretty terrible painter and not sure I could pull off such exact stripes.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  9. I love this Nursery look for a boy. You did a great job painting it to perfection! Congratulations!

  10. Congrats! That nursery looks awesome so far - can't wait to see how you decorate it.

    Daily Style Finds

  11. This is a darling DIY! And congrats on your bundle!


  12. Congrats! This is a great DIY and I really like the color you chose for the stripes!

    Nicole to the Nines

  13. This turned out wonderful!!!! Your hard work paid off--I love it :) And CONGRATS!!! Yay for a boy--you are going to have him dressed to the nines I am sure :) I am so happy for you guys!


  14. Such a great project!!!! Love the prints, the color; it's perfect for a fashion boy! It looks great already...So exciting! I'm glad you are enjoying every minute of it!
    We Shop in Heels

  15. Awwww your dog in the picture looks like " I'm helping" haha so cuteeeee! :)

  16. Wow your stripes look amazing! I cant wait to see what else you do!!

    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  17. Yay congrats on the news of a baby boy!! This is such a great & super helpful post. You did an amazing job on the nursery, I love the stripes of course! Hope you are having a great week Marianne:)

  18. The nursery is looking amazing! And congrats- a little baby boy! YAY!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  19. You did an awesome job with your baby boy's nursery!!! It looks great!

  20. Painting the base wall color on the tapes before the actual color is one of the best tips ever!! It came in so handy when we're painting crazy wall patterns in our house. Love the end result of your wall, very trendy and contemporary!!

  21. What a fabulous tutorial and the room looks amazing!!! I have been dying to know if you are having a boy or girl - congrats on it being a little boy!! I just know he will be the best dressed little man ever! Can't wait to see more progress on the room <3
    xoxo Danielle
    For the Love of Leopard

  22. Great tutorial! I love the stripped look; can't wait to see how you decorate your little man's room!

    xx gabriella


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