Monday, June 22

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Blue Silk Maxi Dress // Beaded Stretch Bracelet //  Cropped Shirt // Studded Denim Shorts
Trapeze Dress // Earrings // Kate Spade Clutch // Pumps

           Happy Summer doll faces! We've made it and now all I can do is complain about how hot is it!! It may be my raging hormones or the fact that my body is a milk factory- I don't know-but this glam girl doesn't do heat and humidity! 
         The one thing I have noticed as of late, is that everything I have been wearing and/or purchasing has been blue or in the blue family.  Could it be because I just had a baby boy? Who knows, but there is something calming about the color and it reminds me of the blue ocean and the blue sky.  Above are a few things that are on my current wish list and some of it is on sale! I'm dying to get back to my pre-baby weight very soon so that I can do some major shopping!
Hope your Monday has gotten off on the right foot! 
Thanks for stopping by love bugs! 

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  1. "My body is a milk factory" lol. :) You're too funny, lady!

    LOVE these gorgeous summer blues!


  2. This reminds me of the ocean and I love that!! xo, Biana

  3. Omgsh so glad to see you back--just read the nursery reveal and could it be any cuter?! You are looking like you are enjoying every minute of being a mommy, even if that means being a milk factory hehe :) Loving all the blue picks as well!!


  4. Yay - it's so nice to see you back!! I hope you've been doing well and I'm sure you're enjoying every minute of mommy-hood.

    Loving all the blue goodies you chose here!
    Something About That

  5. Love the heels you picked (:

    - Deniz

  6. The humidity is the freaking worst :( But at least it's officially summer! Now you've got me craving blue pieces. That trapeze dress is adorable :)


  7. I've been loving blue lately as well and that blue maxi dress is so cute!

    Great picks, thanks for sharing :)


  8. Loving all o these blue pieces, especially the stretch bracelets! And I forgot about the part of breastfeeding where you're hot all the time because you literally are a milk factory! Thanks for helping me reminisce. I recall that it got better after a few months, so hopefully by fall (i.e. when it's not hot anymore LOL) you'll feel a little more normal!
    Gina || On the Daily Express


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