Hey Glam Squad! It's Marianne, your favorite girl behind the glam! I am so glad you're here! Now let's better acquainted!
 Staten Island, New York, born and raised, on a playground is where I spent most of my days. Just kidding, but you liked my "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" reference there didn't you?
I have been into fashion for as long as I could remember! According to my mom, I have been a fashionista since the age of 3 when I started choosing my own outfits!  As a kid, I would always ask to sit in the front or at the end of the pew at church so that I could check out the shoes of each person who walked by after communion! Wasn't I the best kid?!?
      I always tried to find my voice through what I wore and definitely took some fashion risks growing up.  Think daisy duke denim shorts, red suspenders (borrowed from my dad's closet), a white tee, and construction boots at the age of 12.  I was going for the Pamela Anderson look from "Home Improvement." I shake my head now and think "someone let me out of the house looking like that?!?!" Well they did and all of those fashion risks and choices have molded me into the independent, free spirited, fashion blogger you know and love today!
      Nowadays, you can find me online shopping, listening to music, singing in the car, giving friends fashion advice, drinking coffee, working on the blog, window shopping somewhere, or cuddling on the couch with the hubs, Jared, and my other stud muffin, Mumford. 
           This blog is my little piece of heaven where I get to feed my fashion soul.  Here I will share my personal style with you, find you the best deals, the looks for less, the latest trends, and in the end, add a little glam to your day!

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  1. Adorable xx


  2. Totally appreciate the fresh prince reference- it made my winter bearable (upstate NY) when nick and night started playing it at 5am when I get up for work

    If you're interested, I'm starting a link party on Tuesdays over at my blog. It's a great opportunity to share your content and meet other awesome bloggers! I'd LOVE for you to share a post!


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